Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer
Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer


Naked Truth
August 2005

4 ½ stars Romantic Times-- Readers are in for an exhilarating, wild ride in Fetzer's latest adventure. Explosive, harrowing action follows this made-for-one-another couple as they dodge bullets, terrorists…and love.

Sandra Wurman, "Power, trust and suspense--this one is hard to put down!” All I can say is wow. Get ready for the ride of your life. This is a story about trust. This is a story about people who develop the ability to strike emotion from their lives in order to survive. This is a story about what happens when those in power misuse that power and devalue the inherit trust developed with those in their command. This is a story about what could happen when someone in power changes from ethical to criminal and the effect on those in the chain of command."

Ballston Book House Review - Naked Truth is dark and dangerous, with stimulating elements of suspense that will steel your breath away. Amy Fetzer is a gifted writer on a grand scale, crafting a unique, page-turning tale with pleasure and pain so intense that the feelings and emotions jump off of the page. She mixes light moments that seemingly ease the incredible tension then, without notice, catches the reader off guard assuring the level of excitement needed to rock your world. Ms. Fetzer offers edge of your seat action; a well thought out plot, and strong characters that are clearly seen with your minds eye. Naked Truth is erotic tale of suspense that I highly recommend…if you think you can handle it.

Luv2readinBruxelles Romance
10! Ms. Fetzer has now become one of my all time favorite military/action romance authors!!! This lady can create a world that is so enthralling that you will be loathed to put down the book until the final page! Trust me nothing happened while I read this book One word sums up this read. AMAZING!!! I loved it from the very beginning. I can only hope that there will be more where this came from. I'd like to see stories for Killian's team. They were great sexy secondary characters that truly brought heroism to this story. The chemistry between Killian and Alexa was hot but at the same time sweet. Alexa was a very complex character and I truly enjoyed reading her romance. This story was packed with action, and exotic locales. I truly highly recommend this read if you want some excitement in your romance read!

Paula The Naked Truth by Amy J. Fetzer is another exciting book that’s impossible to put down. From Colombia to DC to Hong Kong and beyond, she writes a story of massive betrayal, treason, cruelty, deceit, tentative trust and blossoming love. Alexa and Killian have both been betrayed by their country and have learned the hard way to trust no one. Watching them learn to trust one another was heart wrenching! Do yourself a favor – you deserve it! Pick up The Naked Truth now! You won’t be sorry!

Cathy Rekota Cathy’s books and Audio, Florida.-- Great book from AMY FETZER as always! 'NAKED TRUTH' is a must read book, its action packed wild ride that never slows down till the end. Right from the start it keeps you interested, you just want to know what happens next I couldn't put the book down. I hope there will be more books from the men working/friends of Killian's. As I will be right there to get them. You can never go wrong when you pick up a book from AMY FETZER every book from her is as good as the next. If this is the first book you have picked up by Ms. Fetzer be sure and read her other books as you won't be disappointed. I will definitely be recommending this book to my customers, friends and family.

Melissa I have been a fan of Amy Fetzer since her early Silhouette days but with Naked Truth she delivers her best romance to date. Alexa is a strong heroine who although she is rescued by Killian is more than able to stand on her own and Killian is an awesome hero who readers will adore. Naked Truth is a wild ride that starts running and doesn’t slow down until the final page. Sensual and loaded with action I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Jennifer Wardrip NAKED TRUTH is so many things at once—a romantic suspense book, a military operative, an action-adventure story…. Ms. Fetzer has done a wonderful job of implementing governmental procedures with a backdrop of foreign soil to make you feel as if you’re there with the hero and heroine, fighting for freedom right along with them.

Passion unfolds between Killian and Alexa at exactly the right pace, at precisely the right point in the story. The cartel that both operatives have attempted to bring down at points in their lives is brought to vivid life, and the war on terrorism is plainly painted for the reader to see. Overall, NAKED TRUTH is a definite winner for all lovers of the romantic suspense genre—the struggle of the main characters for love and redemption is painstakingly written, and you’ll cherish your front-row seat in this exciting and perilous ride.

Carolyn Crisher, Romance Reviews Today NAKED TRUTH is a kick-ass book written by Amy Fetzer, one of the premiere writers of special ops, military novels. The action is fast-paced, exciting, and every detail seems like a story written from today's newspapers. NAKED TRUTH is the best military-type novel I have read this year. The writing is perfection, the action is non-stop, the situations are fascinating, and it is well worth our highest award, a Perfect 10.

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