Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer
Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer


Come as You Are
December 2007
Amy J. Fetzer

Come As You Are is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure into the political quagmire and the jungles of Venezuela. Ms. Fetzer weaves a wonderfully complex tale that will have you second guessing who the good guys really are until the very end while keeping her characters jumping from the frying pan and into the fire and keeping you turning the pages to find out what’s going to happen next. Logan is a wonderfully flawed character who will capture your interest from the first page with his combination of vulnerability, Alpha-maleness and take charge attitude. Tessa is a great heroine with her steely spine and upbeat attitude that carries her through some of the most difficult times a person can face. One of the most interesting things about Come As You Are is the uncompromising view it takes on politicians and their clandestine maneuverings and how small actions by a single person can have far-reaching ripple effects and still deliver a nicely wrapped HEA for Tessa and Logan. Pick up Come As You Are for a truly magnetic read that will transport you to a world where bullets fly, plots and counter-plots and romance rule the day.

reviewed by Sabella,


Action is the name of this game in this suspenseful plot. Tessa knows how to find trouble and a lot of it finds her. She finds herself right in the middle of a mess and that leaves her the target of a madman. In sweeps Logan, our knight in shinning armor, to save her and keep her from getting killed. Logan is devoted to keeping her out of harms way and she is determined to keep the flames between them at bay. Amy J. Fetzer knows how to weave a tale of suspense and adventure that will keep you coming back for more. COME AS YOU ARE is just another fantastic read in a long line of her terrific books.



Come as You Are is one of those books that you cannot put down until you have read the last page! I stayed up late flipping pages myself. Tessa is just the sort of heroine we all wish we could be, she kicks butt with the best of them. I really loved the fact that Logan and Tessa have such big hearts and while they did not always agree with their government and what it did, they were willing to step up to the plate in order to save lives. They were able to see the big picture, and the author did an excellent job of portraying this. The action scenes in this story are excellent and clearly well researched. Of course the very romantic happily-ever-after was a real tear jerker which made this book that much more enjoyable. Come as You Are is a book that is well worth having in your library!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


I'm sure if you are the least bit interested in spy novels, Amy J. Fetzer is one of your favorite authors. The way she handles international affairs, our country's reputation, and intertwines them with constant action is her trademark. People are never who they appear to be, and almost everyone is hiding some kind of secret. Deftly handling different story lines, accentuating each one just long enough to weave it in with the others shows her expertise in managing each aspect of her novels.

If political shenanigans, international affairs, and secret agents are your secret vice (like mine) then COME AS YOU ARE by the premier writer of espionage books is just up your alley this month. Along with the other two books of the Dragon One series: Naked Truth (August 2005) and HIT HARD (June 2006) you will enter the underbelly of spies, government, and living on the edge of survival. So, draw the blinds, huddle under the covers, and make sure your phone isn't tapped while you enjoy a hair raising, spine tingling book.

Carolyn Crisher
Romance Reviews Today


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