Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer
Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer


Hit Hard
Kensington Publishing Corporation
July 2006
Paula K, reviewer.
5 Roses

WOW!! Hit Hard is a great book! Viva is my kind of heroine – she’s feisty, heroic, intelligent, funny, loyal and a woman with “secrets” who has never felt “worthy”, but Sam and his team changes that for her! Sam is a great hero – fearless, except when it concerns Viva, heroic, intelligent, funny, loyal and not so Alpha that he doesn’t listen to Viva when she talks, even though she’s not a member of the team. I can’t wait for Max, Logan and Sebastian to get their stories. If you like excitement and suspense in your books, this one is spectacular! Bravo, Ms. Fetzer!

Hit Hard is one action packed page turner. Sam and Viva’s meeting is like a roller coaster ride out of control. The quick witty banter between the two makes a most interesting read as their chemistry blazes like an inferno. I loved it when Sam called her Red. Ms. Fetzer has written a story that is well worth the read. She infuses secondary characters and tight writing to create a read that is absolutely awesome. I look forward to more of her impeccable works.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Secondary characters bring to life the strength, cunning, and skill of the Dragon One group. Max and Logan are beside Sam all the way, and each one of them definitely deserves his own story. They are powerful, charismatic men looking for a special woman, only they don't know it yet. The Pharaoh is the person behind the secret, lethal weapon and the bidding to buy it. Each government agency from every country in the world is keeping tabs on this weapon and the disasters it has caused. The men are macho, the heroine is both mentally and physically strong, but most important are Viva's and Sam's real emotions for each other.

HIT HARD is another spine tingling book from the pen of Amy Fetzer. Loosely tied to NAKED TRUTH, HIT HARD is another tale starring Dragon One, and I look forward to the next chapter in their stories. HIT HARD belongs on your bookshelf this month; don't miss it.

Carolyn Crisher
Romance Review

4 stars! Fetzer hits the ground running with this novel. From the explosive opening scene to the happily ever after, readers will enjoy nonstop action and high adventure.

Jennifer Madsen RT magazine

Amy J. Fetzer just keeps getting better. She hooked me with Naked Truth, which introduced the whole Dragon One team. In Hit Hard Amy Fetzer effortlessly combines passion and action to create a story that left me dreading the last page and anxiously anticipating the next Dragon One installment. The characterization of Viva and Sam is so extremely well written, the action non-stop and the passion so vividly sensual that if you don’t pick up a copy of Hit Hard today you are missing one of the best books of the summer, perhaps even of the year.


Hit Hard is non-Stop action and Sweet Suspense! Viva and Sam are my new best friends.... Hit Hard never lets up, full force, Amy knows exactly how to draw her readers into her stories. Amy Rocks! Long Live Amy J. Fetzer.

Chad, Book Cove Reviews.

For a wonderful treat, mix together a whole lot of suspense; add a big dollop of intrigue; fill it up with hunky alpha heroes; add one very sassy red-head with a penchant for attracting trouble; then mix in a tremendous amount of imagination and you are in for another Fetzer `perfect' read.

*** Wow, from the moment our two protagonists meet, the reader steps onto a roller coaster ride of mammoth proportions with non-stop action as Sam and Viva try to stay alive while landing in one dilemma after another. The chemistry between Sam and Viva is intoxicating with both portraying hard as nails exteriors while covering up their vulnerable interiors. Their mutual desire for one another along with some sizzling sex scenes are ultra hot and, in my opinion extremely satisfying.

One thing this reviewer really loved was how well matched the protagonists were in their individual survival skills. With Sam they were expected, as he was the ex-military gone mercenary type. Viva was marvelous, providing one surprise after another with unbelievable talents and a keen survival resiliency as the story unfolded. The secondary characters, all members of the Dragon One team, were also well developed with their own specialties and one can only hope to see them all featured with more adventures in books of their own.

This was an edgy, tense, suspense-filled story written with clearly defined motivations and well-crafted characters. Romantic suspense lovers should be pleased with Amy Fetzer who is an amazing talent that you should check out and put on your `auto-buy' lists!

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization

Ms. Fetzer had penned an action-packed romance that is as much fun as it is thrilling. The chemistry of all the characters in the story, romantic and in general is phenomenal. It is as if all the pieces fall perfectly in place. Her former Marines are simply irresistible. Personally, I need more of these delicious men and their adventures. I have found a new addiction - Dragon One.

Reviewed by Thia McClain,

HIT HARD is an action-packed romantic suspense Southeast Asia thriller that never slows down from the opening scene until the final helicopter ride. The story line is filled with adventure and daring do yet the romantic subplot between the lead couple is deftly handled. The cast is solid, leading to another strong Amy J. Fetzer thriller

Harriet Klausner

Viva Fiori and Sam Wyatt meet in the Thai jungle and set out on an adventure that will change their lives and lead them into a passion unlike any they have ever known.

Viva has no idea how she got into such deep trouble. She finds herself on the run with a valuable artifact and the Thai mafia hot on her trial. Viva is trapped and has no choice but to trust Sam to get her away from the men that hunt her. However, the desire she feels for him is growing. How long before she gives in to her passion?

Sam is on a very important mission and the last thing he needs is a interference from a woman. When Viva steps into the picture, he knows he has to solve his case and keep her safe while watching their backs for the men who would like nothing more than to kill them. Sam has never met a woman like Viva and before he knows it, they are off on an adventure.

HIT HARD is a action-adventure book with a lot of passion thrown in. Viva is a remarkable heroine; her courage and bravery will have readers loving her from right at the beginning. Sam is a hard man with a definite dangerous air that can’t be missed. His take control attitude and commanding nature will have your toes curling. Love scenes between this couple is explosive and full of fire works. The plot keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next. Amy J. Fetzer has a knack for penning wonderful tales of suspense and romance that readers are sure to find a home on their keeper shelf.


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