Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer
Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer


Perfect Weapon
March 2006

PERFECT WEAPON is the first Amy J. Fetzer book for me and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. Action packed from start to finish, PERFECT WEAPON takes you on a wild ride that would make James Bond proud. The suspenseful storyline and the searing chemistry between Jack and Sydney will keep you riveted to the pages. Ms. Fetzer has absolutely got a new fan in me and after you’ve given her a try, I guarantee you’ll be saying the same thing.

SHARON, Munchkin Books. It was a thrill a minute. These heroes you create are my kind of men. All the chills and action help the pace move out at a bullet speed. I was sorry to come to the last page. We need more of these men and their woman friends. The situation in the world today lends itself to this story. What a treat to at least think that we, as citizens are helped out by these brave souls. Thank you for many hours of my worst nightmares!

Marilyn Romance Designs. “For me a ‘perfect read’ is a fast action page-turner with deep plot; a heroine who is intelligent, sassy, and somewhat feisty; and my hero is a strong, sexy, intelligent and a totally divine ‘manly’ man! Well, PERFECT WEAPON delivers this all in spades in a most ‘perfect’ read! The chemistry between Sydney and Jack was masterfully done with a cliff-hanger finale that lasts just long enough to tie up all the loose ends! The characters were skillfully crafted with motivations clearly defined. Die-hard romantic suspense lovers – this is a book you do not want to miss!

"Hard hitting, gripping and sexy, Fetzer knows her stuff!'
NY Times best selling author -- Charlotte Hughes

4 stars, Romantic Times "This is an intense race against time with betrayal hidden around every corner and tension eased only by love." --- '' In Perfect Weapon, Jack and Sydney's passion burned through the pages while the suspenseful storyline held me riveted. The action never stops and I simply could not stop reading. Intriguing secondary characters left me hoping to see them in the future, while the real mystery of who exactly is after Sydney keeps you guessing. From beginning to end, Amy J. Fetzer's Perfect Weapon is pulse pounding read!''

5 stars! ---- Harriet Klausner. Readers will dive head first into this exciting romance thriller and not come up for air until the final confrontations with the enemy and between the two heroic protagonists. The action-packed story line starts off seemingly with brawn meets brain (some might classify it as beauty and the beast), but the audience will quickly realize that Einstein’s female clone is in pretty good physical shape and the Marine can use the muscle inside his skull. Fans of espionage suspense thrillers will want to join the distrusting duet on the lam as Amy J. Fetzer provides what will prove to be one of the sub-genre’s best of the year.

Carolyn Crisher. ‘With a fast moving and intricate plot, all lovers of Amy Fetzer's books will see a new, greater depth to her writing. PERFECT WEAPON should be a must buy for anyone who loves the Marine/military type novels so popular now.’

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