Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer
Bestselling Author Amy J. Fetzer


Intimate Danger
Amy J. Fetzer
March 2007

Amy Fetzer has the sharp, fast-paced writing that is ideal for this suspense novel with surprises coming up on every page. In INTIMATE DANGER, we are drawn into the story by her absorbing and entertaining plot line, and there is never a chance of being bored. A hallmark of Ms. Fetzer's writing is unrelenting conflict and a hero and heroine with deep, passionate love for each other and who don't play games when their hearts are on the line.

INTIMATE DANGER is Amy J. Fetzer at her best with a novel full of excitement, danger, suspense, sex, and, oh yeah, enough heart stopping action to have you afraid of getting a shot at the doctor's office for the next six months. If you like your hero and heroine to live life on the edge of peril, INTIMATE DANGER is for you.

Carolyn Crisher
Romance Reviews Today


I loved how Mike and Clancy clicked together as soon as they met! Mike has the experience, loyalty, and devotion that, combined, make him a force to reckon with against the enemy yet leaves him nearly defenseless when it comes to Clancy. She’s a gutsy, intelligent woman with a sarcastic with that provided plenty of chuckles. Amy J. Fetzer expertly juggles numerous sub-plots and keeps readers intrigued as well as anxious to turn the last page where she climactically draws this couple’s nail-biting, suspenseful adventure to an end! INTIMATE DANGER is a must-read for romantic suspense fans!

Tracy Marsac,


Books that make me think almost every second are rare finds indeed. Intimate Danger is one such story. I have read works by Ms. Fetzer before and I believe this is her best book yet. The excitement level is extremely high and totally addictive. Every single character leapt right off the pages and into my memory banks. The sensuality that sizzles between Clancy and Mike really kept my motor running the entire time I was reading the story. Anyone who is looking for a fabulously written book full of suspense and intrigue should read Intimate Danger. It is definitely a worthwhile ride.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


RT 4 stars

In this nonstop, intensely layered romantic suspense, Fetzer works her magic with multiple characters and storylines, covering everything from military labs and archaeological digs to weapons smuggling and personal vendettas. The heroine's dry humor, quick wit and surprising talents are entertainingly matched with the hero's military manners and determination. Their romance blossoms evenly page after page.


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